Well, there are several reasons to use FaceTime, plus its many highlights are definitely one of its biggest selling points. These are some of the features:

Simple & Easy To Use

There are no hard to understand buttons when executing a FaceTime call! It literally has one of the mildest and most intuitive layouts that new and old users can use to reach the phone as quickly as desirable! All users have to do is find the person that they want to call and that person must be an active FaceTime user!

However, it doesn’t matter what device individuals are connected to as it can also be a Mac or iPad, it is not. It claims that be an iPhone to iPhone to call and press the call section from a particular device. Note that during FaceTime, users have the alternative to call someone by video call or also with the voice call.

Use your camera correctly

With the FaceTime App, in addition to just the front or rear camera side, users can use both the cameras at the same time during a call. Easily switch connecting cameras by using the on-screen section to switch between the two cameras!

Regular updates

The FaceTime app will sustain updates from time to time to take some of the latest advancements in video calling features. Apple knows how to please its clients with the kind of updates that are published from time to time.

Access the installation

Do you want to send an urgent message during a call? FaceTime has individuals covered! Users can simply change the time to go to the past while the call resumes and performs any other task.

Switch between audio and video seamlessly

Switching from audio to video is easy with the FaceTime! Users can start an audio call and switch to video or vice versa. Calls also come with regular features like mute, and more.